Jill M McKenna

I was named Audra when I was born, but everyone called me Audrey so my mom changed it.

I write and publish poetry and essays.

I like to run on easy trails and spend time in nature.

French toast > pancakes.

I read astrology and tarot cards.

I have 1 rescued mini aussie named after PJ Harvey, and 1 amazing child named after the goalie for the New York Rangers. Not really. Sort of.

I volunteer for events and organizations related to dog rescue and abuse recovery.

I know art, beauty, nature, learning, and travel are mandatory for my happiness.

I’ve happily been to a Star Trek convention.

I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Rising, Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces.

I can briefly pose as an extrovert, but am a severe introvert and need a lot of time to recharge.

I once accidentally poisoned Michael Jordan’s lawyer.

I finished Netflix.